Where Do I Store A Fire Extinguisher

Where Do I Store A Fire Extinguisher

It’s important to know where it’s safe and convenient to store your fire extinguisher.

Below you’ll find the most common areas at the home and officer were you should store a fire extinguisher.

In The Home

It is recommended to have at least one fire extinguisher in your house and if you have multiple floors, one on each floor as well. Each one should be kept somewhere easily accessible and away from high temperatures.

This will make sure you can get to it quickly if needed and are able to get it serviced as needed.

The thing to remember is that fire extinguishers are only for small fires that can be put out quickly. If things get out of control you should call the fire department immediately.

Garage: The garage is a great place to store a fire extinguisher. Often times there are flammable liquids like oil, grease and gasoline that will allow a fire to get out of control if it’s not put out quickly.

Living Areas: It’s understandable if you don’t want an unsightly fire extinguisher in the middle of your living room but there are alternatives that will allow you to have an extinguisher nearby with ruining your décor. For example you can keep it in one of the closets, under furniture, above a bookshelf, or simply in an inconspicuous corner.

Bedrooms: It might be a good idea to store a fire extinguisher in your bedrooms. Since fires can start at any time; having an extinguisher very close by can save you precious seconds. If you don’t want/need one in every room, the master bedroom should be the top choice since you are the most likely to attack the fire.

Kitchen: This is another obvious place to keep an extinguisher because kitchen fires happen all the time. Grease fires are especially dangerous because they are more difficult to put out then the average wood fire for example. When cooking oil heats up it can combust or otherwise quickly catch on fire. You’d first want to try to throw some baking soda on it and cover it with a metal top but if it gets out of control (or is already out of control) a fire extinguisher may be the next step.

Any Place Near Fire: Any where on the property where fire is possible, a fire extinguisher should be close by. This includes living room fireplaces, bedroom fireplaces, and even outside fire pits. The last thing you want is for the fire to escape its enclosure and enflame something that wasn’t meant to be.

In The Office

People spend (it seems) a vast majority of their time in their work environment or office. Because of this it is imperative that fire extinguishers are located throughout the building in clearly visible, easily accessible areas.

On Every Floor: If your office building boasts multiple levels, it is imperative that an extinguisher is located on each and every level.

In Common Areas: Areas where coworkers collaborate or hang out is another great place to keep a fire extinguisher. If a fire does break out, it is very likely someone will be in one of these areas and can quickly get to a fire extinguisher.

Near Stairwells: Most people know that if a fire breaks out you should not use the Elevator. Instead everyone should immediately head for the nearest stairwell. Because of this, stairwells

Other Considerations

First of all these directions only help if you have a fire extinguisher and the proper storage for it. If either of these things are missing then you are opening the door to a disaster.

The thing to always remember is that a fire extinguisher should be clearly visible and easy to get to. Otherwise no matter if you’re in the home or office, you will be able to deal with anything that comes your way.

~ FESF Team

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October 13, 2014