What To Expect During A Fire Extinguisher Service Inspection?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, about 1,240,000 fire incidences were recorded in the United States in 2013 which accounted for 3,240 civilian deaths and 15,925 civilian injuries. These fires resulted to damage of property worth some $11.5 billion.

And as unexpected as these incidents were, many of them could have probably been avoided or reduced with properly maintained and inspected fire safety equipment. Since fire extinguishers don’t last forever they need consistent inspections and maintenance to ensure they are always fully functional.

The Inspection Process

Consistent inspections of your fire extinguishers is very important. Experts recommend that the equipment be checked as regularly as every month. During an inspection many things are checked and rechecked. Most fire extinguishers are sealed unless when in use, so most of the inspection is done on the outer part of the equipment. During a fire extinguisher inspection, inspectors always ensure that:


  • The extinguisher is in an open place far away from any interference so that in case of any emergency there is easy access to it.
  • The pin (if it has one) is intact always.
  • There are no leaks in the case of the fire extinguisher tank.


In case of a chemical extinguisher, the manufacturers require the extinguisher be shaken to prevent packing.


The fire extinguishers should also undergo the hydrostatic testing technique which is basically pressure testing.


Questions expected during the fire extinguisher inspection

There are a few questions that an inspector might ask in order to assess your unique situation. Some of the questions might include:


  • How long has the machine stayed in the designated room?
  • How often do fire accidents occur?
  • What are the likely causes of fire?


These questions will give the experts a clearer picture of the environment your fire extinguisher might be used in and help ensure that it doesn’t fail you it is needed. 

How long does the inspection take?

The inspection process is usually short and sweet. The inspector will generally ask straight forward questions in order to avoid any confusion and make sure they do their job and you are safe. Most inspections are simply quick checks to ensure that the extinguisher has the capability to work as expected in an emergency.


How much do businesses charge for the service?

Many companies have a very low charge or even no charge for a fire extinguisher inspection. In most cases, it is a bonus you get for possessing a company’s fire extinguishers. However if it is equipment that can be refilled you might be charged a small fee but it is extremely important that you get that done ASAP. You never know when the next fire may be. Better to be prepared then sorry.


Inspecting your fire extinguisher should be something that is done regularly. This is to ensure that the quality of the extinguisher is at all times maintained. Because if it’s not you may find yourself in a very bad situation.


~ FXSF Team
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October 16, 2014